Subtly Ascended Space

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Ascended space is a space devoid of greed, violence, anger, hatred, exploitation, delusion, fantasy, and sacrifice. Ascend space is a space of equality, compassion, love, generosity, awareness, and purpose. Ascended space is the endowment and birth right of every single living thing on this planet.

Subtly Ascended space is the "hidden" space within which the Earth bound spiritual master moves in order to avoid "triggering" fear, hostility, and suppression.

Living in ascended space is very difficult in the world we live in today. Many "temptations," distractions, frustrations, disjunctures, traumas, fears, and egoic failures draw the spiritual master down, and force them out of their space. When this happens the spiritual master returns to normal consciousness, and normal space. When this occurs, even if it occurred shortly after birth, the solution is to acknowledge whatever it was that "bumped" them out, address whatever disjunctures, distractions, traumas, fears, or temptations that "caused the fall," and reclaim the lofty breezeway of their bubble of ascended space.

You must always remember, is never about "worthiness" and never a "test." Your are born into this space and have only to reclaim your place "at the table" of consciousness.

Fix whatever it was that caused the fall, and reascend into The Kingdom.


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