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Ascension is the process of energizing physical matter. Ascension makes physical matter more malleable and responsive in exactly the same way that warming up molasses cause viscosity to decline.

As explained in The Book of life, the successful completion of Ascension alters our ability to experience and create in the physical universe along two critical dimensions. On the one hand, raising the vibration of physical matter makes it more responsive to the creative intent of Spirit. Thus, as Ascension proceeds, creation/manifestation is going to become much easier. On the other hand, ascending physical reality allows us, as Immortal Spirit, to enter into physicality with the full force of our magnificent Consciousness. As Ascension proceeds we (and by “we” I mean our “higher” Self) will come to be fully present in body. By the end of it, we will have a much higher Consciousness Quotient). Taken together, these two things (i.e. the elevation of physical matter and the descent of Consciousness into the Physical Unit) will result in entirely new Unfolding of Creation with entirely new creative conditions.

Syncretic Terms

Ascension is also known as The Great Work, The Big Event

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Further Reading

Sharp, Michael (BOLIFE). The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order

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